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Please check out my reviews on YELP and Angie's List.

I have called on Lynn to take care of my dogs many times whenever I can't be home to do it myself.  It is easy to give Lynn 5 stars and my dogs would give her 5 paws.   Lynn is passionate about all kinds of animals and gives a lot of time to rescue groups and getting the word out when an animal needs a foster or forever home real fast.  I have two large dogs and the Lab is afraid of everyone.  I wasn't sure the Lab would take to Lynn and thought he might not eat while I was gone.   By the time Lynn interacted with him a few times, he started to wag his tail and follow her around the yard.  He now comes to her readily, but still won't do that with anyone else.  Lynn has a lot more patience than I do which is what it takes with some animals.  I couldn't recommend Lynn more highly and will continue to ask for her help. 
Natasha V, Pomona 

Lynn Westbrook has a special connection with all animals.   She has been a special person in the life of all of my "babies".   She is gentle and loves all the "ani-mules" very much.  Trusting just anyone with my "geeerls" is not something I do.   But if I had to go away, she would be the first on my list to take my little girls.   I wish there were more people like her in the world!
Dr. Marla Omar, "Deanie", "Ellie Mae" and "MoMo"

Lynn watched our cat Kai while we were out on vacation for 2 weeks.  We really didn't want to board her at a kennel and knew the least stressful thing for her was to be at home.  Thankfully we found Lynn and she did a great job not only watching Kai but watching our house.  It was really great to have a piece of mind while out on our trip.  She made sure Kai was taken care of and that the house was in order.  She also sent us text updates and photos every time she visited so that we knew Kai was okay.  I am so glad we found her and now don't have to worry about Kai if we take a vacation because we know Lynn will be there.
Emil, Chino Hills

SO happy to have found Lynn! Such a professional and loving approach in caring for our babies! Sent me pictures of them while on our mini vacation. Gave us such peace of mind to know they were being cared for in such a loving way! We were spoiled, in that, our kids, are rescues as pups and up until a few months ago, their foster parents would care for them when we traveled. Well, they retired and moved out of the area and I just hated the thought of boarding Dutch  & Schotzy, hated the idea! Came across Lynn's website and gave her a call. COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!
Debbie, Pomona

My four dogs, three rabbits, Red Ear Slider, Russian Tortoise, and fish were all very well taken care of by Lynn. When I returned from being away for three week trip, after my dogs were done with the excitement of me being back, I noticed they kept looking around as if looking for Lynn, their new best friend. 

Now I have total peace of mind to have someone I trust taking care of my Animal Kingdom when I'm away. 

Thanks Lynn!
Victoria, Pomona

I hadn't taken a vacation in years because I was too worried about leaving my pets behind.  I have a horse, a cat, a flock of chickens, and other pet birds, several with "special needs", so it's not as simple as asking the neighbor kid to come by once a day and fill a food bowl with kibble!  I was referred to Lynn at Lots of Love Pet Care by two different people whose opinions I trust, so I decided to give her a call.  What a great find!

Lynn is by far the most professional, conscientious, and reliable person you could ever hope to have care for your pets.  She is a true animal lover and really cares about making sure your pets have everything they need.  If she has a question, she will text or call, and she will text you pics of your "kids" to let you know they are fine.  She totally goes above and beyond to make sure the animals in her care are happy, safe, well-fed, well-exercised, and given love and affection.  She even gave my horse a bath!  He was cleaner when I came home than when I left! 

And I think my chickens miss her!  They run up to me and, when they see I'm not "Auntie Lynn", I swear they look disappointed.  

Oh, and she made sure all my outdoor plants survived a brutal heat wave while we were gone... she hand-watered everything!  

You might be able to find someone who offers to take care of your animals more cheaply, but if your animals are your kids (like mine are), just remember - you get what you pay for!  I not only took a much needed vacation, I didn't worry about my pets for one second... and for me, the peace of mind that Lots of Love Pet Care gave me was worth every penny and more; it was priceless.  THANK YOU Lynn!
Jeri, Walnut

Lynn and I met over 2 years ago at West End Shelter for Animals.  She was the Volunteer Coordinator, I was the Volunteer.  We became immediate and forever friends!  Her passion for animals and mine for dogs was the "connector", and her love of dogs was the "glue", in my mind.  Lynn is a very compassionate, caring person especially when it comes to animals.  She will give her heart and soul to any animal in need, no matter what sacrifice she has to make.   You can rely on her to care for your animals as if they were her own!  I have and I do!  Lynn and I are not only friends but we have become business associates.  I refer her pet care services and she refers my dog training services.  I would not consider doing this if I did not have full and complete trust in Lynn, not only as a person, but as an animal lover and care giver.  
Marie Bymaster, The DogMaster
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